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Posted on
Mar. 17th

60+ years old? May be entitled to a significant cash award. Call 888-338-8056 to learn more. No risk. No money out of pocket (AAN CAN)


Posted on
Mar. 16th

H&M Constructors is requesting prequalification submissions for all bid packages for the following Construction Manager at Risk project: The New Buncombe County Solid Waste Transfer Station, Asheville, North Carolina. • Project Description: Preliminary Project Budget: $6,400,000. A new two level 27,000 SF solid waste transfer station consisting of a concrete...

Call us first. Living expenses, housing, medical, and continued support afterwards. Choose adoptive family of your choice. Call 24/7. 877-362-2401. (AAN CAN)


Posted on
Sep. 23rd

The following is a list of unclaimed and confiscated property at the Asheville Police Department: electronic equipment; cameras; clothing; lawn and garden equipment; personal items; tools; weapons (including firearms): jewelry: automotive items; building supplies; bikes and other miscellaneous items.

Anyone with a legitimate claim or interest in this property has...