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Posted on
Jun. 30th

To satisfy liens on July 6, 2020: 2006 Ford Mustang lien against David Leroy Daugherty for $7,395; 2010 Lincoln MKS lien against Dakota James Richard Conseen for $9525; 2015 Subaru Legacy lien against James Conrad Nelson $9405. Auto Safe Towing 474 ½ N. Louisiana Ave., Asheville, NC 28806. 828-236-1131

Unclaimed Property

Posted on
Jun. 18th

Items were collected by the City of Asheville on June 12th on N Lexington Ave. under I240. If you believe any of these items belong to you please contact APD Property Evidence Control at 828-232-4576.


Posted on
Apr. 1st

The following is a list of unclaimed and confiscated property at the Asheville Police Department: electronic equipment; cameras; clothing; lawn and garden equipment; personal items; tools; weapons (including firearms): jewelry: automotive items; building supplies; bikes and other miscellaneous items. Anyone with a legitimate claim or interest in this property...