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Classes & Workshops

Warren Wilson College Fiber Arts Folkshops! This summer we are offering classes in weaving, felting, and a kids camp! Class registration can be found at http://www.warren-wilson.edu/about/conference-services/folkshops email for more info.

You will build a dreadnaught guitar with East Indian Rosewood back and sides and spruce top. The instrument is based on a pre-war Martin D28 with forward bracing or, a finger picking style 000 with a slotted headstock and 12 frets to the body. Some woodworking experience is helpful...

5-Week Summer Night Classes: Beginner Handbuilding and Surface Decoration with Laurie Caffery Harris, Beginner Wheel Throwing with Mac McCusker, Narrative Surface: Drawing On Ceramics with Laurie Caffery Harris, Breaking (Down) The Mold with Matt Rudloff. One Night Pottery Classes: Ready, Set, Throw. 5-Day Workshops: Pristine Porcelain Pros with Kyungmin Park...


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Apr. 25th

Weekly, Tuesdays and Saturdays, 10:30-11:30am. At Habitat Tavern and Commons, 174 Broadway, Asheville. Free parking available across the street. Email for information