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Posted on
Jul. 9th

Communication specialist offering cognitive/memory interventions in the home for individuals with Alzheimers disease or post-stroke. Effective training for relearning swallowing skills offered as well. Call 828-333-8503 for information.

with Phentrazine 37.5! Once daily appetite suppressant burns fat and boosts energy for healthy weightloss. 60 day supply - $59.95. Call 877-761-2991 (AAN CAN)


Posted on
Jul. 2nd

: Reawakens natural self healing functions for the entire body. Improves foot, leg, knee, and back pain, calms emotions, clearing negativity's .Improves blood sugar levels concentration and good body posture Many testimonials! Asheville July 12 9 to 5 $150. Preregistration required. or call Deborah 828-279-8300.