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Editing/Layout Services to Writers
Author of novels & how-to books will edit your manuscript, design covers, prep for CreateSpace.
Contact to discuss project & for quote. Google me.

Art & Autism

Posted on
Feb. 4th

Art & Autism. One hour session $35. Credentialed and experienced Art and Special Education Teacher providing Art Expression lessons to individuals with Autism or other disabilities. Call Courtney (707)502-6461.

Stylist Position

Posted on
Feb. 3rd

Booth rent position available for responsible, self-motivated Hair Stylist in Downtown Asheville. For more info contact us at: 828-251-1722 or


Posted on
Feb. 2nd

We loc heads and open minds. Natural hair care specialist. We loc your hair so you can comb your thoughts. • Sista Sherrie (828) 215-0548 for your kinky hair needs.

Since 1993. Multiple skill sets. Reliable, trustworthy, quality results. $1 million liability insurance. References and estimates available. Stephen Houpis, (828) 280-2254.